Contract Hire

Equilibrium have a good range of car leasing business relationships and we will always do our very best to find the most competitive deal for you – our customer.

Car contract hire is a form of operating lease. You are provided with a quotation on a vehicle of your choice and specification and on your acceptance of the quotation the vehicle is ordered and subsequently delivered to you.

This form of car finance provides the use of the vehicle at a fixed monthly cost and can include all servicing and maintenance costs including tyres, exhausts and road excise duty

Contract Hire benefits to you:

  • Fixed monthly rental – saving you the worry of unexpected bills.
  • Eliminates capital expense – allowing you to use the free capital more profitably within your business.
  • Large portion of VAT reclaimable saving you money.
  • The lending is off balance sheet – reducing the borrowing ratios in your balance sheet.
  • Available on new and used vehicles – saving you money.
  • Rentals are proportionally allowable against taxable profits – reducing your tax bill.