Car6End of Lease/Secondary Rental Benefits

On several occasions whilst managing our corporate client base, we have been asked to investigate what are best described from the customer as “miscellaneous” rentals debited from their bank accounts.

The charges applied in the majority of these instances are known as “lease peppercorn” rentals, which are annual charges once a Finance Lease agreement has expired. Many customers are not aware of this, as the common view is that once an agreement has ended, asset ownership is passed. However, on a Finance Lease title is normally passed only after selling the goods onto a third party.

At Equilibrium, we have a solution for this – acting as an intermediary in negotiating and conducting a third party arrangement sale, which in most circumstances can be substantially lower than the peppercorn rental, ensuring title of the asset is passed to the customer. Thus making a real saving and removing the administrative burden this process can sometimes involve. If you are interested we would be delighted to conduct an assessment to identify any annual lease charge payment to any of your finance providers, and seek to resolve them ensuring costs are keep to minimum and documentation is handled professionally and efficiency.